Startup Culture Accelerator

ArcticStartup’s new program is designed to help large and medium-sized companies better understand, think and act like startups.

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Nowadays innovation speed is more critical than scale


Size can give you scale, but for innovation, speed is more critical."  —Rakesh Kapoor, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser

In the last 17 years, more than half of the FORTUNE 500 companies have disappeared

We're organized like a startup. We're the biggest startup on the planet." —Steve Jobs, Apple, Most innovative company (2016) #StartupCulture

What defines the winners?

Companies with a strong startup culture win 

Do you Startup?

Our Promise to you

The mission of Fly... and our promise to you, is to enable your company to further develop its own startup culture and take it to the next level.

At ArcticStartup, we've learned that it comes down to two things:

  1. How well you find and keep talented people in and around your company.
  2. How effectively you work with startups.

Companies that are good at these two things will need to have developed a strong internal startup culture. As such, they are positioned to win in the future because they can innovate faster.

During the program, you will be exposed to the knowledge, experience, tools, and contacts you need to be a leading force to drive change within your company and industry.

"Every company should be working on their startup culture."

Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab, OP Financial Group

and Mentor, Fly...Startup Culture Accelerator


With the support and experience of our content partners


In the autumn of 2017, we are launching Fly...

  • Starts in October 2017 and culminates at the Arctic15 Startup Business event (May 30-31, 2018).
  • Consists of 8 modules - about one module per month between October and May. Most modules last a half-day.
  • Modules physically take place in Helsinki, Finland with remote participation possible via live web conferencing.
  • Peer and mentor driven program is divided into "Learning" modules and "Action" modules.
  • Materials such as handouts, video tutorials, etc. will be provided throughout the program to help spread startup culture within your company.
  • Modules are complimented by Media activities - to help promote your startup culture to internal stakeholders and within the Nordic + Baltic startup ecosystem.
  • Companies are asked that two persons participate in all modules. An additional 4 people can participate in any given module.

We are now inviting 4 - 8 companies from different domains to join this unique program.

Competing companies cannot participate in the same program. Companies are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

* exact program schedule, module structure and specific content of the modules are subject to change based on the requirements of participating companies. 



1st module

Startup Mindset

Kickoff workshop with guest mentors on the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs & startups.

  • Part 1: Participant introductions, current state of startup culture within your company, goals for Fly.
  • Part 2: Entrepreneur characteristics.
  • Part 3: Startup characteristics.
  • Part 4: Networking with mentors

Half-Day, October 2017

2nd module

Startup Culture Within The Corporate Environment

Workshop with guest mentors on how an internal startup culture can thrive within a large organization. 

  • Part 1: Global overview on the different ways large companies adopt an internal startup culture.
  • Part 2: Next steps to further developing your own internal startup culture. 
  • Part 3: Case examples.
  • Part 4 : Networking with mentors.

Half-Day, November 2017

3rd module

Talent Round Table

Informal and open facilitated discussion with experts on the issue of talent attraction and retention in today's business environment.

Topics will include:

  • The mindset of a highly talented person in today's workforce.
  • Why do many talented people choose to work for startups?
  • New ways of doing recruiting.
  • Working with freelancers and other talent partners.
  • Key things to keep employees happy.

Half-Day, December 2017

4th module

Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Workshop with guest mentors on how you can successfully engage with startups.

  • Part 1: Global overview on corporate-startup collaboration models.
  • Part 2: Next steps in further developing your own startup collaboration approach.
  • Part 3: Case examples.
  • Part 4: Networking with mentors.

Half-Day, January 2018

5th module

Pitch Your Startup Culture

The term "pitch" usually refers to situations where startups quickly present themselves to investors or partners.

In this workshop, the tables are turned and you will learn the art of reverse pitching and present your agenda for different stakeholder groups.

  • Part 1: Structure & content of a successful pitch.
  • Part 2: How to tailor your pitch for different audiences.
  • Part 3: Hands-on pitching (preparation, presentation with video recording, and analysis).

Half-Day, February 2018


6th module

Speed Dating

Pitch to a group of startups and other potential partners and then meet the most interesting in an effective speed dating format (5 minute "dates").  

All startups are scouted and selected based on the needs of participating companies. 

  • Part 1: Reverse pitching.
  • Part 2: Speed dating - 5 minute meetings with relevant startups.
  • Part 3: Networking

Half-Day, March 2018

7th module

Peer & Mentor Dinner

Program participants, mentors and VIP guests will gather for an evening of networking  to share experiences and build internal support for your agenda. 

  • All participating companies are encouraged to invite up to two additional VIP guests to the dinner.
  • All participating companies will have the opportunity to make a speech during the dinner.

Evening, April 2018

Final module

Reverse Pitching at Arctic15

Arctic15 is an annual startup business event that takes place at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. In 2018, 2000 delegates from the Nordic + Baltic startup ecosystem will come together to meet, learn and do business.

Arctic15 also serves as the culmination of the Fly program. As such, you will receive:

  • 2 VIP tickets
  • 20 min Reverse Pitching on one of the main stages during a relevant track
  • Prior to the event, we will idividually meet all participating companies to help finalize your pitch and make sure you are prepared to gain the maximum benefit from the event.

2 days, May 30-31, 2018


Fly... participating companies are supported by Arctic Startup media channels and activities to help spread your startup culture to internal stakeholders and promote your startup agenda within the Nordic + Baltic startup ecosystem.

Sponsored stories

A leading startup news platform in the Nordics + Baltics with over 30 thousand readers and complimented by over 45 thousand followers across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter as well as over 12500 newsletter subscribers.

  • 2 written stories (or 1 video)
  • Produced by ArcticStartup editorial team
  • Published on and promoted on social media


CoFounder Magazine

CoFounder is a high-quality, long-form journalistic magazine with original analysis on the the global startup scene. It is printed four times a year and distributed to subscribers and through partners (10 thousand copies) as well as online (19 thousand readers).

  • Full page advertising space (single page inside) in the Spring 2018 edition
  • Freely distributed to all Arctic15 attendees (2000 copies)

Press release & interviews


Arctic15 is attended by a wide range of business, tech and industry journalists from traditional and new media outlets.

  • Professional press release distributed exclusively to Arctic15 media representatives
  • Produced by ArcticStartup editorial team
  • Interview opportunities


By the end of the program, you will receive the following concrete benefits:

  • You'll get first-hand knowledge and experience about relevant startup culture issues from your peers and mentors.
  • You'll have many opportunities to practice startup culture activities in a supportive, low-risk environment.
  • You'll have the chance to sharpen your startup culture strategy and spread it within your organization.
  • You'll have the possibility to define your startup agenda and promote it within the Nordic + Baltic startup ecosystem and beyond.
  • You'll be able to build strong relationships with a group of startup culture experts and enthusiasts. 
  • You'll become part of the moderated and supported Fly program community of facilitators, mentors, and participants.

With this, we are confident you will be in a better position to drive startup culture change within your company and industry.


Micah Gland


Mobile: +358 50 373 1442